Colorado Messabout 
Oct 16, 2010

We had a pretty good turnout, with mostly new faces and perfect weather (maybe not so perfect for the sailboats, though!). Fifteen(?) homebuilt boats, with half a dozen or more commercial boats as well - plus lots of folks who showed up without boats. There was lots of boat swapping and compare and contrast trials, and everyone seemed to have a fine time.
Thanks for coming out, everyone, and I hope to see you again in the Spring!

Once again, I was too busy to get very many pics, but here they are.

{Click on any thumbnail for larger pic}
                                     50+ yr old SOF                    Brian's SOF of death              Chip's Gypsy                                Pygmy Coho
                                    Paul's Lil Dubber                    Paul's Peep Hen                           Rolldarka                           Stripper Canoe
                                     Bob's Special                               RUTH                                Stripper Canoe 2                     Wee Lassie stripper
                                                                                     Wood Duck                          Chuckanut 10