Nesting Pram

This is another classic design, by the "Dean of American Small Craft" himself. For decades, John Gardner spent the latter part of his life as a curator at the Mystic Seaport Museum, documenting and preserving the many types of small boats that make up our American heritage. Occasionally he would put his hand to designing, as well, and his "Pram of Surprising Ability" is one of his better offerings.

A product of a later era, I modified Mr. Gardner's design to fit my own needs - while keeping faithfully to his original lines. She's 8' long, by 4' wide, with dual rowing stations. My modifications included stitch and glue construction, fiberglass and epoxy sheathing, fore and aft floatation chambers,  integral carrying handles, motor mount, HDPE rub strakes and - most noticeably - the ability to "nest" for easier stowage on board the deck of any cruising boat.

I used this pram as a tender for my own sailboat, as I cruised the waters of Puget Sound and British Columbia. She rowed, towed and motored extremely well, and certainly stood proud amongst the hordes of inflatables and roto-molded plastic monstrosities at every dinghy dock!