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                                                                                                                                 17' 5" x 22"
                                                                                                                               {5.3m x 55cm}


        The Baffin Bay is a beautiful sea kayak based on "KNK 1550x18" - a historic example of a traditional qajaq displayed in the 
Greenland National Museum.
 Comfortable, and wide for a Greenland kayak, she's  fast, paddles great and is quite stable for her 
beam - but still rolls easily. Modifications from the original design include a longer cockpit (to fit a standard sized spray skirt), 
and a slightly higher  deck for increased leg room. Her performance remains true to the historic design.

        From ocean swells to backyard ponds - you can take this boat anywhere you'd take any plastic, wooden or fiberglass sea kayak . . .
                     but with twice the style. And, at half their weight (about 30lbs/13kg), she's easy to carry and car-top for anyone.

                                                                                                  Maximum recommended paddler size is 210lbs/96kg.





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    This boat is a little longer than the Disko Bay kayak, though their cockpits are essentially the same size. The stems are considerably shorter than the DB's, so that - combined with 

her greater length - gives the Baffin Bay greater carrying capacity and a bit more stability. Lighter weight paddlers (under 140lbs/64kg) found the prototype to weathercock
rather more than necessary, but the prototype was built shorter than  the original. The current version is back to the original size, with the paddler's weight in the correct position.

    Plans include full sized patterns for the frames, stems and cockpit, plus a well illustrated building guide covering everything you need to know to build the boat. Plans are in both
                                                                                                              imperial and metric measurements.

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                                                      Be sure to check out Harvey Golden's superlative book "Kayaks of Greenland," for source material on the original (KOG71)..