Boat building made easy!
Want to build one of these boats for yourself? Non-traditional skin-on-frame construction is perhaps the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to build a beautiful and capable boat.  No boat building or woodworking experience is necessary, and you'll only need a few tools. Really, most anyone can do it, and building a SOF boat is a fantastic family project that everyone can enjoy!
                                                           Building Overview

  1. Cut out plywood frames - or just open the kit!
  2. Rip stringers - i.e. the gunwales, chines and keel
  3. Set up strongback (just a straight 2x4 on sawhorses) and clamp on the first and last frames
  4. Temporarily attach stringers, then insert the rest of the frames
  5. Attach stems, then glue and screw stingers to each frame
  6. Add floorboards, deck beams, etc
  7. Cover the frame with polyester fabric (No worries - this is perhaps the easiest step)
  8. Coat the skin with paint or varnish
  9. Attach deck and/or cockpit rigging
  10. Take pictures and go paddling!

Here's a short video showing the process from start to finish, featuring the Wee Lassie solo canoe.

      Tools Required

Better - but not required!