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Ultralight Designs for the Home Builder
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Building your own boat is rewarding, fun and easy - Click Here for an overview.
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New! Racer X An ocean racing scull
New! The Shenandoah Peapod Classic double ended pulling boat
New! The Great Wicomico A big capable canoe for everyone
New! The Indian Creek motor canoe A canoe of many uses
Veloce' A racing scull for amateur builders!!
The Big Aloha a stand-up-paddleboard for the rest of us
A traditional decked sailing canoe in the spirit of the nineteenth century
The Aloha stand up paddleboard
Lightweight and ridiculously easy to build
The Chuckanut 17
Bigger, faster, stronger - with a sail rig!
The Light Melonseed
Small boat sailing at its best
The Wee Lassie 
A classic solo canoe
The Mobjack Bay 
A low volume sea kayak for lighter paddlers
Chamberlain Gunning Dory
A classic skin-on-frame rowboat
 The Annabelle Skiff
A superb SOF sailing dinghy
The Piankatank River Pram
An ultralight tender that rows, sails and tows

Lanui SUP

An easy to build Stand-Up-Paddleboard

Shenandoah Whitehall
14' Family Rowing Boat

Unique 18' 45lb high performance rowing wherry
Chuckanut 15 Tandem
The perfect family boat - a stable, 15' solo or double kayak
Chuckanut 10, 12 and 12s Kayaks
Stable and comfortable recreational style kayaks
Disko Bay Qajaq
17' West Greenland sea kayak
Baffin Bay
A traditional Greenland sea kayak
The Rushton IGO
A classic 16' solo or tandem canoe

Plans cover both traditional and non-traditional construction!
The PH13 solo canoe
A SOF double paddle canoe for relaxed use
A fun and easy outrigger sailing canoe
A quick and easy to build kid's kayak
Sit-on-top kayaking and stand-up-paddling

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