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Build your own 

Indian Creek motor canoe

15'9 x 39 / 4.8 x 99cm

Maximum 2hp

Max. recommended capacity 3 adults

Order plans here

Despite their utility, I have never been really impressed with the aesthetics of motor canoes, and I've examined quite a few both modern and classic. I was definitely not pleased with my preliminary drawings, either. Eventually though, I decided that one did not have to mimic the appearance of a classic motor canoe to get the same results. What I came up with is the Indian Creek, and I am entirely pleased with how she has turned out.

Out of small fleet of boats, the Indian Creek is the one we grab for family excursions these days. She's meant for electric, or up to 2hp gasoline outboards, with oars as secondary or primary if one prefers propulsion. Of course, she can be paddled, though she's a bit wide for that.

The hull is long and lean and she covers distance with little effort by man or machine. Our tiny electric trolling motor pushes her around easily, which saves my back when the wife, kids and dogs are along. The Indian Creek is quite stable as canoes go, and the prow and freeboard are high enough to shrug off errant chop. The bow, where kids and dogs enjoy congregating, feels quite secure. Too, there is flotation fore and aft under the decks and main thwart, in the unlikely event it is needed. The little deck in the bow is solely there so our very short dog can put his front paws up to see over the rail. There he stands vigilant, ready to defend us from his mortal enemies - crab pot buoys.

The sprawling space amidships has enough room for sleeping, but an extra thwart can be added there if desired. Rigging a tarp over top would be simple. On my coastal adventures, anchoring in a protected spot and sleeping aboard is far preferable to me than searching for a tent site in the dark. Landowners tend to look down on trespassers, as well . . . .

At about 60lbs / 28kgs the Indian Creek is easy to haul around on shore, and car-topping is undemanding, even for a solo user {Just lift one end at a time - the comparatively broad stern keeps her from trying to roll over while the bow is being placed on the rack}. Do take the motor off first.

For fishing, family outings, or float trips and canoe camping, the Indian Creek is a fast, versatile boat for almost anyone. That she goes together quickly and easily, with minimal expense, is just icing on the cake.

Plans are available through Duckworks.com just click the link above. Plans include a very well illustrated, step by step building guide, plus full size templates for all the important parts.

No kits, for now.

Scroll down for pics.


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