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18' x 33" - 5.5m x 84cm
Weight: 45lbs - 21kg

Maximum recommended capacity: 375lbs - 171kg

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RUTH is a unique performance rowing wherry - a tried and true idea which crosses the line between the all out speed of a racing scull, and the seaworthiness and capacity of  larger traditional rowing boats. She is fast and effortless to row, but also capable and reassuring in conditions sculls would never venture in to.
Re-born in skin-on-frame, RUTH retains all the benefits of her wooden or fiberglass counterparts, yet is half their weight and takes far less time and money to construct - even for a novice. And, unlike many other wherries, RUTH has a passenger seat, and can also be set up for rowing from a either a sliding seat or from a fixed thwart.
Her light weight means that no trailer or dolly is necessary, as she is easily car-topped or carried by most anyone. In fact, over the years, the prototype has travelled at least 9,000 miles {4,100 km} on the roof of my car, and I have hand launched her in waters all over the US.

Plans, with both metric and imperial measurements, include full sized templates for the frames, stems, transom, knees, et - so no lofting is necessary. They also feature an illustrated step-by-step building guide that explains everything you need to know to build your own RUTH. Materials needed, sources, safety, frame construction, skinning, builder's tips, user's guide, and more, are all covered in the instructions.

Materials costs can vary greatly by locality, but I built the prototype for less than $250USD, and it took me about 25 hours of casual effort.  I'm experienced, of course, so you can likely expect it to take you longer to build her -  and spending a bit more money is a possibility, as well.

RUTH is a fantastic rowboat, versatile, easy, fast and inexpensive to build, and convenient and fun to use.  Join folks from all over the world, and see for yourself!
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