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RUTH is an old idea, reborn in skin-on-frame. She's a unique performance rowing wherry -  a cross
between the all out speed of a racing scull, and the seaworthiness of larger traditional rowing craft. 
Her SOF construction ensures that she's half the weight, and takes far less time and money to build
than her wooden or fiberglass counterparts, while retaining all of their performance and capability.

RUTH is designed for both fixed thwart and sliding seat rowing . . . and she can take a passenger!
She weighs just 45lbs {21kg}, and is perfect for solo car-topping by just about anyone. No trailer necessary
Storage is easy, too - just hang her along any convenient wall, up and out of the way.
18' x 33" {5.5m x 84cm}
Max recommended capacity is 350lbs {160kg}
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Ruth is a fantastic fixed seat pulling boat as well