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Racer X
Open Water Rowing and Racing Shell

Length -       22' / 6.7m    or    24' / 7.32m 
Beam -       24" / 61cm                          
Waterline beam -       14" / 36cm                                            
Max recommended rower -       230lbs / 105kgs                                                   
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A rough water pulling boat with the speed of a flat water scull.
     Racer X is a skin-on-frame ocean rowing shell that is fast, lightweight, seaworthy, safe and easy to build.  She is long and lean, with a narrow waterline beam that flares out to give increasing stability when needed.  She also has permanent flotation, and sealed interior storage for personal gear. And, weighing about 55lbs/25kgs, she is easy to carry and to car top.  That's not as light as a carbon fiber shell, but comparable to commercial fiberglass boats. For just
     A Racer X is not just a flat out racing machine, she is also great for recreational rowers who like to go fast, but don't always want to get up at dawn to go for a jaunt or get in a workout.  If you rowed in school, Racer X can open up a whole new world of waters to explore - without sacrificing speed to do so.

    Her design came about as a request for a 
competitive boat to row in the Seventy48, a human powered endurance race on Puget Sound. Beginning his build at the last minute, Kevin Flick finished the prototype just two days before the race, went for a quick row the next evening, then raced on the next day. In rough waters, he placed 5th in his class - and 27th overall in a huge mixed fleet. That says a lot about Kevin, and maybe something about the boat, as well.

     Two other prototypes were also built, the last one taking part in a 944km / 586 mile trip down the Vistula river, in Poland. Which apparently went very well.

     The Racer X can be built in two different lengths, for different sized rowers or for different goals. The beam is the same for both boats, and the plans cover building each of them. Construction is quick, easy and inexpensive, taking just a few weeks - working part time - and costing just a few hundred dollars - a small fraction of what commercial OW sculls cost. She's built with marine plywood frames, western red cedar longitudinals, and polyester fabric. The very well illustrated building guide is geared for the novice builder, and explains everything one needs to know to build your own racing scull.  
                                               With plans, you get:
  • Full Size templates for all the frames, the stem and the transom. There is no lofting.
  • A complete, step by step guide to her frame construction, skinning and coating.
  • Instructions with both metric and imperial measurements.
  • A list of tools and materials needed.
  • Sources for uncommon items.
  • Instructions for building rowing rig components, including the wing.
  • Instructions for building one's own set of sculling oars.
  • Full size templates for both Macon and Hatchet blade shapes.
  • Instructions for building a cradle for car top transportation.
  • An appendix full of useful building hints, epoxy information, and tips for care and usage. 
  • And  . . . ME. I am just an email away to answer questions, solve problems or give advice.

Whether you are looking for a workout, or looking to train and win, Racer X could well be the boat for you.

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