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" Combining Elegance and Simplicity"

Modern, non-traditional skin-on-frame construction allows anyone to build sophisticated and efficient boats of all types - for far less time and money than with any other building method. No longer do you need to be a skilled woodworker, or spend days sanding away at the fiberglass and epoxy you just spent so much time applying. No longer do you have to spend months (or, often, years) and thousands of dollars to build a beautiful and functional craft. Skin-on-frame boats are tough, durable, light enough to carry around by yourself and they go together in just a few weeks, for just a few hundred dollars.


Want to build a boat, but aren't sure you can? My boat plans include comprehensive, well-illustrated, step by step instructions specific for each boat, and are designed with the complete novice in mind. The building guides contain sources for fabrics, lists of tools and necessaries, and all the information you need to know to build, skin, coat, rig and care for your boat. Plan sets also include full sized templates for all the frames and parts . . . just glue to your wood and cut out along the lines – no lofting necessary!


Frame kits are a great way to get started even faster. A kit saves time, tedium, and a lot of searching for possibly difficult to source materials. Kits come complete with all the frames, stems, transoms, etc already cut for you from highest quality marine plywood. Kits also include the building guide, as well as all the fabric you'll need to skin your project.







I do teach boating and boat building classes, but - above all - I am happy to answer your individual questions if you get stumped!

I also teach and/or support community, family, school - and even corporate - boat building projects all over the country. If you are interested in inexpensive, quick and easy to build boats for your group, please get in touch. Boat building programs teach teamwork, foster creativity, impart traditional skills, and lead both kids and adults along a path of goal accomplishment. Plus, they get to build a boat!

You can get started today! - Check out my many unique designs and find the one that's right for you:  Designs for the Homebuilder


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