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Personal Favorites
My friend James McMullen is an expert in classic wooden boat repair: Emerald Marine
Mik Storer designs well thought out plywood boats: Storer
Clint Chase and Eric Friberg - two superb wooden boat builders on opposite coasts of the USA: CLINT    ERIC
Tom Yost is a prolific kayak designer and builder, and unconventional thinker  Yostwerks

Sadly gone now, Philip C. Bolger was a designer with an uncommonly open mind. HERE and HERE
The late Thomas Firth Jones was a sailor, boatbuilder, designer, and an excellent author  JonesBoats


The Wooden Boat School, in Brooklin, Maine (USA). I teach boat building and sailing classes here in the summers. Come join us - you can learn all sorts of other maritime skills, too! WBS
I teach boat building at the Florida Maritime Museum, in Cortez, FL - join me! FMM
"Messing About in Boats."  Always a good read!  MAIB
The Traditional Small Craft Association. TSCA

Building supplies

Get your fabric here - Email GEORGE DYSON:  He's a noted author and modern Baidarka pioneer, and he
supplies fabric for SOF builders all over the world. Tell him I sent you and what you are building!

Really Simple Sails - Need a sail? RSS now carries a 36 sq ft balanced lug that will work well with Splinter and the Piankatank River Pram.

Duckworks Boat Building Supply - with great service and low prices - is your go to source for all sorts of smallcraft sails, hardware, fasteners, epoxy and gear.
I get my artificial sinew at craft stores, or online. Currently, try here:

Great building info to be had, here:
The Kayak Builders Forum  KBF
The Greenland Kayak Forum  QUSA
The WoodenBoat Forum  WBF

Here's a link to Mike Bielski's article "It's a qajaq, part 2" (pp42) - an excellent overview of SOF skinning and coating options.