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Sources    [All of our plans and kits come with a list of materials and sources, of course.]

Fabric - Email George Dyson:
Here is George's list of fabric offerings, with descriptions: Material Notes
Mr Dyson is a noted author and modern Baidarka pioneer, and he
supplies fabric for SOF builders all over the world. Tell him I sent you and what you are building.
Sails -  Really Simple Sails  RSS carries supplies sails for my designs, and has great service and prices.
Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply -  Duckworks  All sorts of boating gear, hardware, fasteners, epoxy, sailcloth, et. Also with great service and prices.
Personal Favorites
My friend James McMullen is an expert in classic wooden boat repair: Emerald Marine
Mik Storer designs well thought out plywood boats: Storer
Clint Chase and Eric Friberg - two superb wooden boat builders on opposite coasts of the USA: CLINT    ERIC
Tom Yost is a prolific kayak designer and builder, and unconventional thinker  Yostwerks
Sadly gone now, Philip C. Bolger was a designer with an uncommonly open mind. HERE and HERE
The late Thomas Firth Jones was a sailor, boatbuilder, designer, and an excellent author  JonesBoats
A great primer for how to tie some useful knots, thanks to Adam:

The Wooden Boat School, in Brooklin, Maine (USA). I formerly taught boat building and sailing classes there in the summers.  WBS
The Florida Maritime Museum, in Cortez, FL -  FMM  I taught boat building here, too. A nice little museum.
"Messing About in Boats."  Always a good read  MAIB
The Traditional Small Craft Association. TSCA
Great building info to be had, here:
The Kayak Builders Forum  KBF
The Greenland Kayak Forum  QUSA
The WoodenBoat Forum  WBF

Here's a link to Mike Bielski's article "It's a qajaq, part 2" (pp42) - an excellent overview of SOF skinning and coating options.