Chuckanut 10, 12 & 12s

The Chuckanut 10, 12 and 12s  are "recreational" style kayaks, designed to be stable and comfortable, yet still maneuverable, fast and fun! No special skill or equipment is needed to build or use one of these boats, and they are perfect for relaxed use by paddlers of all abilities. At less than 30lbs {13.6kg} they are delightfully easy to carry and to cartop.

  All three boats share a unique shape and are multi-chined, with wide, slight V bottoms for excellent stability, flat keels for solid tracking and large cockpits for easy entry and exit. The Chuckanuts are designed for messing about on ponds, lakes and bays, and are capable in many conditions (but they're not for running whitewater rivers!) The ever popular Chuckanut 12 is 12 feet long, by 30 inches wide {3.66m x 76cm}, and weighs about 26lbs. Maximum recommended capacity is 225lbs {102kg}

The Chuckanut 10, at 10' long, by 27 inches wide {3.05m x 69cm}, is meant for smaller to average sized paddlers. She's easier to paddle and maneuver, but a bit less stable and somewhat more difficult to build than the Chuckanut 12 (as there are tighter bends in the stringers).

The Chuckanut 12"s" is a hybrid version of the C10 and C12. She shares the same frames and narrower beam as the C10, but is 12' long. This boat will be more stable than the C10, and the easiest boat of the three to build. The Chuckanut 12s also shares the longer cockpit of the standard C12.

Plans for the C10 also include plans for the C12s option! Maximum recommended capacity, for both, is 200lbs {91kg}. 

Order plans here!
New for 2016: Build a Chuckanut kayak with Dave,  at the Mystic Wooden Boat Festival!
Here's Beata, paddling her C12 prototype in Colorado.

Here's a pic of the Chuckanut 12"S" that I built for my mother-in-law


- Chuckanut 10 -

The Chuckanuts are named after the beautiful Chuckanut Bay, near Bellingham, Washington.

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