10' x 19-1/2"

{3.05m x 49.5cm}


The Kidyak is a child sized skin-on-frame kayak, suitable for kids up to about 90 lbs {41kg}. It's a scaled down version of traditional arctic kayaks from Western Greenland, and is quick, easy, and very inexpensive to build. At only 15 lbs {7kg}, kids can carry it around all by themselves, and the boat is small enough that it can be transported inside many vehicles.
This is a great parent/child project, and your kids can do a lot of the work. Decorating the skin is easy and fun, too, and the possibilities are limited only by one's imagination.

And, kids grow . . . if yours is already approaching the 90lb limit, you can build an 11' {3.35m} version instead, without any trouble.


Order plans here

Six years old and a serious paddler

 Plans come with full sized patterns for the frames and stems, and include a very well illustrated building guide
 that tells you everything you need to know to build the boat.

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